Sarah is a professional puppeteer who organised and set up a special 4 month course for students to learn different circus and puppet skills. She also invited other professionals with different skills to give one-off workshops to inspire and stimulate their creativity.

I was delighted to be asked to do a 3 hour life drawing session. Not only was the venue with its hidden garden and large studio a surprise, but to be greeted by many young students bubbling over with enthusiasm, offering me tea and help with setting up, was a friendly start to the day.

So far so good, but then I was let down by the model at the last moment, it was quite a shock as it meant that I would have to improvise! I was determined not to let it spoil the day.

The students took it in turn to model, with clothes on!   I think they even enjoyed the experience of what it feels like to be a model and keep still for up to 10 mins.

The best part came when I asked them to do an exercise with music that involved having a conversation with a partner, not with words but through movement to express Masculine, dynamic energy and their partner would reply in a flowing, organic Feminine way.  They took it in turn to experience how polarities ie. how opposites relate to each other and that this is important to understanding the true nature of creativity.

It also gave them a better understanding of how this related to their chosen instruments which varied from a soft flowing feminine brushes to a masculine hard,sharp instrument like the bamboo pen.

It was a very ‘full on’ 3 hour drawing session, in which the students produced some beautiful fresh and spontaneous work, drawing in a more intuitive rather than a rational academic way.  I feel we all enjoyed the experience which I hoped would feed into whatever projects followed on….

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