Creative painting course

Central St Martins, 5 Richbell Place, London, WC1N 3LA

This course is suitable for beginners and advanced students who are interested in using painting as a vehicle for growth as a creative being. You will use painting in a playful and intuitive way to enhance what you already know and learn how to remove blocks which hinder development. Colour harmonies will be explored in relation to the external world by the use of a life model, as well as painting from imagination so that colour can be understood or ‘realised’ as part of ones inner nature. The course is led throughout by the tutor, which allows you more freedom to reawaken and stimulate your imagination. The focus is on creating an atmosphere that is stimulating and non-competitive, and by working both in a group and individually, you are encouraged to shed stale and repetitive habits that prevent the natural flow of creative energy.

April 2016 course

23/04/2016 – 21/05/2016
10:00 – 16:00
5 Weeks

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