Private workshops

I host one and two day workshops in private studios in the U.K (including London) and abroad. These include a life model.

I amĀ  interested in process over end result and the true nature of creativity – not self expression but rather letting go (to see what is really there).

Students use many different instruments such as brush, bamboo and quill pens, conte, charcoal etc. Classes are conducted by advising what instrument to use and in what hand and how to hold it. This allows for a framework and discipline to work within, allowing for greater freedom to explore their potential. The results can be astonishing as the drawings have a vitality and freshness that is often lackingĀ  in most lengthy academic drawings. The pace is fast, five to ten minutes a drawing so that the mind can’t interfere by making judgements that interfere with the flow.

Specially chosen music helps to get in touch with feelings. Other methods, such as movement with or without the music allows the whole body to participate in the experience. This gets fed back into their work resulting in new insights.

Students learn to relate to the instruments to the model and other members of the group in a playful, but fully attentive way which allows them to recover the joy of being truly creative and that “You don’t have to understand in order to create, but you have to create in order to understand”